Ano ang Nipah Virus at Paano ito paghahandaan?

Narinig o nabasa mo na ba yung bagong kumakalat na “Nipah” virus that led to an emergency lockdown in India?

It alarms me the way I used to be during the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Dont panic! Ihanda ang mga sumusunod bilang isang prepper.

  1. Food and Water
  2. Over-the-counter medicines
  3. Rubbing Alcohol
  4. Facemask
  5. Disinfectant
  6. Cash

I remember COVID [NCOV] following the same pattern when it spread in China in December of 2019.

Halos walang paki alam ang mga tao dahil sino ba namang mag aakala na mauuwi ito sa isang global pandemic?


Ano ang Nipah Virus?

And Nipah Virus ay nadiskobre noong 1999, following an outbreak of pigs and people who handled these animals in Malaysia and Singapore. Ang outbreak na ito ay nag resulta sa 100 deaths at economic loss.

Nipah virus usually spreads from animals to humans by contamination but the report shows that it has the ability to spread from person to person.

It originated from fruit bats which are the natural carriers and host of this virus.

Ang fruit bat ay maaaring makahawa sa pamamagitan ng close contact, or through its body fluids such as saliva or urine.

Symptoms of Nipah Virus includes the following

  1. Mantinding Lagnat
  2. Pagsusuka
  3. Respiratory Infection
  4. Brain Inflammation na pwedeng mauwi sa seizures, comma, or worse, death.

Wala pang bakuna o gamot ang nagagawa laban sa virus na ito.

Ayon naman sa WHO, ang virus ay may 40 to 75 percent mortality rate.


Ano ang mga dapat ihanda laban sa Nipah Virus?

No need to panic now. You just need to prepare for the worst.

Narito ang mga bagay na dapat ihanda in order to survive this possible health crisis.

The good thing is that we already experienced a pandemic and it is so easy for us to picture the worst-case scenarios.

1. Food and Water

Pinaka-basic na dapat ihanda bilang isang prepper ay ang pagkain at inumin. Choose non-perishable food items na madaming i-prepare katulad ng mga canned goods, instant noodles, dried fish, and grains.

2. Over-the-counter medicines

Refill your presciptions lalo na yung may mga maintenance medicine so that if there is a restrictions, mayroon tayong stock kahit na hindi pwedeng lumabas ng bahay. During the COVID-19 pandemic,

3. Rubbing Alcohol

Dahil ang Nipah Virus ay kumakalat due to contamination, it is necessary that we stockpile rubbing alcohol. Mababawasan ang risk ng human-to-human transmission sa pamamagitan ng regular hand-washing, avoiding food, utensils, clothing, and bed sharing with infected individuals.

4. Facemask

Since pandemic, we learned that not just the virus prevents to enter in our body, mahalaga ang facemask dahil napoprotektahan din tayo nito laban sa polusyon at iba pang mga nakahahawang sakit. Katulad ng COVID, mahalaga ang facemask at social distancing sa pagpigil ng pagkalat ng Nipah Virus.

5. Disinfectant

We can prevent contamination of viruses in things that we are often exposed like hand railings, parcels, and many more.

Importante ang mga disinfectants to prevent the spread of contamination of Nipah Virus dahil pinapatay nito ang mga virus sa surfaces of object.

Disinfectants can also protect people who are in contact with sick or dead animals, such as farmers, veterinarians, or health workers.

6. Cash

You should prepare cash, especially in situations where you need to pay for essential goods or services like emergency health care.

Having an emergency fund that will last if there is a prolonged lockdown is essential dahil sa posibilidad ng pagkawala ng trabaho o disruption of business.


Stock up on these essentials that can last for a month or more, just in case we have prolonged lockdowns, maiiwasan natin ang shortages at paglabas ng bahay, and exposure sa mga viral infections.

I can see extreme doomsday preppers prepared beyond the mentioned things above, but that’s another story.


Posible bang maging next pandemic ang Nipah Virus?

Nipah Virus has the potential to spread as next pandemic, but, the likelihood is very low. Ilans a mga dahilan ay ang mga sumusunod.

1. Uneasy Transmission

Unlike COVID-19, most of the cases are linked to direct exposure sa mga infected na hayop. Subalit ang human-to-human transmission ay posible naman sa through close contact with the sick patients or the contaminated body fluids, such as saliva, urine, or blood. If we implement a strict policy of health restriction, malaki ang chances of preventing the spread of this virus.

2. Mortality Rate

The reported cases shows that the fatality rate of Nipah Virus is around 70%, kung saan namamatay ang mga tinamaan nito within just a few days or weeks.Ang mga tinamaan nito ay karaniwang hindi na makakalabas sa bahay o ospital, thus, reducing the risk of human-to-human spreads in the community.

3. Strict Health Measures

Ang pagpapatupad ng health standards ay isang mabisang paraan upang mapigilan ang pagkalat ng Nipah Virus. The best way to do it is to avoid contacts with bats, pigs and the infected people.



I want to clarify that I am not trying to spread fear, but it is based on the facts and past happenings, Ika nga, “history repeats itself,”, especially for those who didn’t care.

I do a lot of research and nakita ko na marami na ding prepper sa buong mundo ang nakaka alam tungkol dito.

They might say that it is “run by the government,” “academic, and/or pandemic.”

I don’t deal with too many conspiracy theories out there, but what matters is, that whatever it is, we have to be ready.

Ang pagkalat ng Nipah Virus ay isang seryosong banta sa ating public health, even it is possible, it is very unlikely to become the next pandemic.

Pero bilang isang prepper, it is important to remain vigilant at syempre, laging handa for any possibilities of emergence of any deadly virus.

Here’s the thing. You can do all you can to prepare yourself for the things coming, but you won’t die one day sooner than your appointed time.

Early intervention works. Wait too long and it is ineffective.

Always remember, laging lamang ang handa. Be Prepared!

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