Philippine Constitution Quiz Part 3

Welcome to our interactive online quiz designed to test your knowledge of the Philippine Constitution!

Whether you're a student studying government and politics, a legal enthusiast, or simply curious about the fundamental laws that govern the Philippines, this quiz is perfect for you.

Dive into essential topics such as constitutional rights, governmental structures, and the rule of law, while sharpening your understanding of key concepts integral to Philippine governance.

Challenge yourself and expand your knowledge base with this engaging quiz, tailored to both beginners and those well-versed in constitutional matters.

Get ready to explore the intricacies of the Philippine Constitution and discover the foundations of its legal framework.

Who has the authority to interpret the Constitution according to the 1987 Philippine Constitution?

According to the 1987 Philippine Constitution, who has the power to appoint members of the Supreme Court?

What is the minimum age requirement for a person to be eligible for election as President of the Philippines according to the 1987 Constitution?

Which article of the 1987 Philippine Constitution outlines the process for amending or revising the Constitution?

Which part of the 1987 Philippine Constitution contains the Bill of Rights?

Which article of the 1987 Philippine Constitution discusses the territorial and political subdivisions of the country?

What is the primary source of authority in the 1987 Philippine Constitution?

What is the term length for a member of the Philippine Senate?

What is the main body of the 1987 Philippine Constitution called?

Which article of the 1987 Philippine Constitution discusses the separation of powers among the three branches of government?